Six Days Seven Nights: A 1998 Adventure and Comedy Film

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People love watching movies especially if they can relate to their story line. Some people love watching movies as some sort of relaxation. So, if you are bored then to watch a movie can be the best activity you can have during your past time. There are many available movies that you can watch. One of the most movies in 1998 was the “Six Days Seven Nights”. It is a box office movie in 1998 because it earned almost more than $ 74 million and obtained international total sale with more than $90 million. No doubt, Six Days and Seven Nights acquired its blockbuster fame in the different countries around the world. It is one of the most remarkable movies in 1998.

The movie is an adventure and comedy film that enabled many audiences felt entertainment with mixed emotions. It is also an award winning movie directed by famous director Ivan Reitman. The leading stars of “Six Days Seven Nights” were Anne Heche and Harrison Ford. Michael Browning wrote the screenplay of the movie and the location of the movie scene was Kauai. Six Days Seven Nights was released on June 12, 1998.

The Story Line of Six Days Seven Nights

Robin Monroe is a journalist who works for Dazzle. Dazzle is a fashion magazine. Her boyfriend invited her to spend a holiday vacation in an island called Makatae situated in South Pacific. They rode in an aircraft to reach the island. They were accompanied by Quinn Harris and his girlfriend named Angelica. Quiin was drunk and showed his desire for Robin but Robin rejected him because she loves her boyfriend Frank. Frank proposes to her during their first night in the island and she happily accepted her boyfriend’s wedding proposal.

The next morning, Robin’s boss called her to supervise a fashion event in Tahiti. Robin hires Quinn to bring her in Tahiti. Unfortunately, a thunderstorm crashed their aircraft. They landed in a desert island with a peninsula in the northern part. They thought that they are in an island with peninsula so they climbed mountains to disable a beacon that Quinn believes located in that place. After they climbed the mountain, they found out that they are in an island with no beacon. Quinn and Robin tried all their best to survive in the island. They became a witness to the wrongdoings of South Asian pirates. South Asian pirates discovered them and followed them.

Frank thought that Robin was dead. He drunk and slept with Quinn’s girlfriend Angelica after Angelica seduced him. Pirates caught Robin and Quinn but they eventually found a way to escape by jumping in a cliff. Quinn and Robin reached a World War II Japanese plane. Quinn found some ways to make the damaged Japanese plane usable again. They flew back in Makatae just in time for their burial ceremony. Robin’s boyfriend Frank was very happy to see Robin alive.

However, Frank was very angry to himself because he slept with Angelica. Robin visited Quinn in the hospital. Robin confessed her love to Quinn but he rejected Robin’s feeling toward him. Robin got sad because of Quinn’s reaction to her confession. However, she decided to move on and go back in New York.

Robin and Frank decided to go back in New York. In the Tahiti Airport, Frank confessed that he slept with Angelica and Robin confessed to Frank that she loves Quinn. They decided to cancel the wedding because they are not in love to each other anymore. Quinn realized that he loves Robin so he rushed in the airport. He saw Robin getting off the plane and embraces him.

Characters of Six Days Seven Nights


Responses of Audiences

The movie Six Days Seven Nights acquires both positive and negative reviews from many people who watched the movie. In the Rotten Tomatoes, the movie acquired almost 36% positive reviews from 39 people who gave reviews. In the Yahoo Movies, the movie acquired C+ and in Metacritic the movie obtained 51% positive reviews. Many people who watched the movie were very satisfied to the performance of all the characters and overall output.

The revenue of the film exceeded to its more than $70 million production budget. In the United States of America, the movie earned almost more than $74 million and more than $ 90 million international sales. Six Days Seven Nights acquired a total of more than $ 160 million.

People who want watch again the movie can have its director’s cut on DVD. The director’s cut of the movie was released on April 11, 2003 which is 5 years after the premier of the movie in theatrical cinema. The movie was one of the most blockbuster movies in 1998. The production and story line of the movie captured the interest of many people who love watching movies. Six Days Seven Nights successfully made a blast in the film industry.